The Parish Council

The Parish Council

Cuckfield Parish Council is a small local authority with ten councillors elected for four years.

The Elections

The last elections were held in May 2015 but by-elections may be held to fill vacancies occuring between elections.

Council Tax

Each year the Council raises a ‘precept’ on council tax payers to cover the cost of running expenses.

The Parish Council has more formal powers to do things than are often imagined.

Community Centre

Owns and manages the community centre at the Queen’s Hall.

Community Spaces

Owns and manages the Burial Ground and allotment gardens.


The Parish Council is also responsible for skatepark at Whitemans Green.

Village Maintenance

Provides and maintains the village clock and many benches, bus shelters and litter bins, as well as a number of the street lights down the footpaths.

Extra Maintenance

Provides extra maintenance around the village including the upkeep of the twittens, the hanging basket displays and the roundabouts.

Roads Maintenance

Liaises with West Sussex County Council regarding traffic problems. At present the Parish Council is working with the County Council on a variety of plans to improve road safety in the village.

Planning Applications

Comments on all planning applications in the parish - Mid Sussex District Council then makes the final decision, taking into account our views.

Urban Planning

Is working with the Neighbourhood Plan Group to provide a comprehensive plan for the future of Cuckfield over the next twenty years.

Public Toilets

The Parish Council is also responsible for the public toilets in the Broad Street Car Park.

Parish councillors 2015 - 2018

Nigel Page (Chairman)

Andy Burton

  • Ardingly House

    Ardingly Road


    West Sussex RH17 5HF

  • Tel: 01444 443306
  • Email: Andy Burton

Marie Dormer

Andrea King

Frances Laing

  • North Lodge

    Weald Chase

    Staplefield Road


    West Sussex, RH17 5HY

  • Tel: 01444 443337
  • Email: Frances Laing

Paul Mantripp

Colin Mercer

  • Apartment 8 Petlands Lodge

    1 Church Road

    Haywards Heath

    West Sussex RH16 3NY

  • Tel: 01444 414995
  • Email: Colin Mercer

Jo Notaras

Steve Oversby-Powell

Martin Sambrook

Sussex District Council

Robert Salisbury (Mid Sussex )

Peter Bradbury (West Sussex)