Mobile General Waste Collections

The following mobile general waste collections have been arranged for Cuckfield:

in Broad Street Car Park between 10:00 - 12:00

Use the map to find out where the collection will be

Update: From 1 April 2015, residents will be able to recycle more household plastic containers via their kerbside recycling collections.

As well as plastic bottles, the following will also be collected:

  • Plastic pots (such as yoghurt or cream pots)
  • Plastic tubs (such as margarine, ice cream or laundry tubs)
  • Plastic food trays (such as ready meals trays/fruit punnets)
  • Plastic container lids (such as those used for coffee jars)

Recycling Plastics

Want to find out more about recycling plastics in West Sussex?

How it works

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